Wilmeth Wire – Update and Thoughts on May 30th, 2016

We have made it around to all our supporting churches except one. We were schedule to be at Brown Street Baptist Church, in Alton, IL. Next weekend however with Amy’s procedure falling on the week prior they graciously have let us reschedule for a date to be determined in the future. We have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to make the rounds and see so many wonderful saints who have been a grand encouragement to us in a multitude if ways. We thank you for the hours of prayer, collectively, that you have upheld us by. The best thing, and first thing, you can do is always pray. Pray without ceasing isn’t just a verse or an idea but a way of life. I’m so thankful for those of you who live that and include us in your walking and talking with the Lord.

Things going on:

  • Tomorrow (May 31st) is Amy’s Gamma Knife procedure to radiate the 2 brain tumors she has. They will do a high resolution MRI prior to the procedure so they know exactly what they’re dealing with and formulate their plan of attack.
  • The house has been on the market for a week today (5 showings so far, and another scheduled for tomorrow while we’re at the hospital). Average time on the market in our area for similar homes has been 18 days.
  • We don’t yet have a house to move to in Ohio (we are moving to Ohio to join the administration staff of Baptist Church Planters, in case you missed that news). I feel a little like Abram when God told him to go to a land I will show you. He didn’t know exactly where he was moving to, just that God had told him to go, so he went. And so we go. God has a house for us, we just haven’t yet found it.
  • With the move comes all sorts of things:
    • new schools for the kids,
    • new medical team for Amy,
    • new church and ministry for the family,
    • challenges with the logistics of a move 793 miles east and the costs associated with that,
      • if you want to help with those costs go here to read more and click here to donate (click “2016 Spring Campaign” and choose “Wilmeth move and office set-up”),
    • separation from our wonderful in place support system here in Bennington,
    • more miles between us and our families in central Iowa (a 2 ½ hour trip becomes 10),
    • and new challenges that we don’t yet know about.
  • Trying to maintain a normal life for the family brings with it all sorts of daily challenges.

I’m sure there are other things I could add to the list of stuff that is going on, and if you wonder about something that’s not there just let me know.

Psalm94-19My mind becomes full at times considering all the things. There are fears and worries that like to naturally crop up and creep in when I begin to consider it all. Fears that if left unchecked and running wild will tangle and trap. I am so very thankful for the truth of God. He consoles us and gives us resources to fight uncertainty, fear, and doubt. He consoles us with the truth of who He is and never leaves us or forsakes us.

Philippians 4:6 is not just a nice verse that sounds good and makes for a good Sunday School answer to a generic question about what we are supposed to do as Christians. Phil4-6Those words of God are a battle cry for us to chant and live by when the sky is sunny and especially when our anxious thoughts are multiplying exponentially. God desires to delight our soul, refresh us anew, and give us hope and unworldly cheer! There is no possible way that our fears can be turned into thankfulness apart from God. There is no pill, no food, no word, no tears, no plan, no place, no exercise, no experience, no person, no self-help, no tip, no nothing other than the grace of an almighty God who spoke the world into being and sustains it and holds it together, that can console our minds and our hearts so completely as what God does.

As we place all our consuming anxious thoughts at God’s feet we find incomparable and incomprehensible peace. So all these things that are going on, the knowns and unknowPhil4-7-9ns, the worries and the cares, the problems and the tasks, all of these things we lay at the feet of the God of Peace. We follow the example of Christ who endured the road of the cross set before Him because He looked past toward the eternal throne. We do not walk through this life as if this is the pinnacle of our existence but we look forward in the hope of God through the Word of His truth.

While there is much going on and very little of it has known answers, we focus tonight upon the author and champion of our Faith. We think on His truth, His honor, His justice, His purity, His abounding love, His perfection. We praise His excellence and the worthiness with which He has to be praised. We dwell upon and rest in our God of peace who is with us always.

Thank you for lifting us up before The Throne of the Most High.

In the Hands of the King